Fort Richardson, AK - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    Fort Richardson is part of the larger Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, which has six access points. The Main Richardson and Boniface Gates are both open 24 hours, and both are Visitor Control Center (VCC) locations. Muldoon Gate hours are M-F, 0600-2200 and 0900-2200 on weekends/holidays. Government Hill Gate is open M-Thu: 0530-2200, Fri: 0530-2300, Sat: 0600-2300 and Sun: 0600-2200, however, the gates open a half an hour earlier on UTA weekends. The Arctic Valley Gate is for Outbound traffic only, M-F 1600-1800. Post Road Gate is for both POV and Commercial traffic, which is in full CVI operation from open-to-close, 0600-1800, 7 days a week.
    Richardson (D Street) - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Vehicle Gate 24/7, VCC 24/7
    Muldoon Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 0600 - 2200 M-F
    0900 - 2200 Sat, Sun, holidays, and family days

    Note: Gate will open at 0600 if ASD is in session on a holiday or family day
    Boniface Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Gate open 24/7 - Boniface Visitor Control Center will be closed until 2022 for major construction. Visitor passes will be issued 24/7 at Richardson VCC (Intersection of D Street and Glenn Highway)
    Post Road Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Closed for passenger vehicles as of 3MAY21
    0500-1800 M-F
    0600-1300 Sat/Sun
    Commercial Vehicle Inspection Mon-Sat 0500-1800. Closed Sunday.
    Government Hill Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 0500-2100 daily
    Arctic Valley Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Currently closed